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Category Brake Pads
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BRAKE PAD KIT-41300072BRAKE PAD KIT-41300072
H-D® Original Equipment Brake Pads - 42739-08H-D® Original Equipment Brake Pads - 42739-08Fits '08-later XR models.
H-D® Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41300169H-D® Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41300169
H-D® Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41300053H-D® Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41300053Fits '14-later XL models.
H-D® Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41300161H-D® Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41300161
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41300027Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41300027
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41300102Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41300102
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41854-08Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-41854-08
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-42831-04AOriginal Equipment Front Brake Pads-42831-04AFits '04-'13 XL models.
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-42897-06AOriginal Equipment Front Brake Pads-42897-06A
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-42897-08Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-42897-08
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-44063-83COriginal Equipment Front Brake Pads-44063-83C
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-44082-08Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-44082-08
Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-46363-11Original Equipment Front Brake Pads-46363-11
Original Equipment Front/Rear Brake Pads-43395-80AOriginal Equipment Front/Rear Brake Pads-43395-80AFits Front '80-'83 FLT/FLHT front and '79-'81 XL rear.
Original Equipment Front/Rear Brake Pads-44082-00DOriginal Equipment Front/Rear Brake Pads-44082-00DFits front and rear brakes on '00-'05 VRSC™, '00-'03 XL and '00-'07 Dyna®, Softail® and Touring models (except front brakes on FXSTS and FLSTS Springer™). Does not fit '06-'07 rear brakes on FLSTFSE, FXST, FXSTB and FXSTS models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41300033Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41300033
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41852-08BOriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-41852-08B
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42029-07Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42029-07Fits '07-'13 XL models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42298-08Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42298-08
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42310-08Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42310-08Fits '08-'13 XR models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42836-04AOriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42836-04AFits '04-'06 XL models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42850-06BOriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-42850-06B
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-43957-86EOriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-43957-86EFits '86-'99 FLHR, FLHS, FLHT and FLT models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-44209-87COriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-44209-87CFits rear late '87-'99 XL, FXR, Softail® and '91-'99 Dyna® models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-46721-06AOriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-46721-06AFits '07 FLSTF, FXSTC, and FXSTSSE, '06 FLSTFSE and FXSTS and '06-'07 FXST and FXSTB models.
Original Equipment Rear Brake Pads-83911-09BOriginal Equipment Rear Brake Pads-83911-09B
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