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Category Men's Functional Jackets
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Men's  Fortify Waterproof Riding Jacket-98099-16VMMen's Fortify Waterproof Riding Jacket-98099-16VMCower in fear when the storm hits? Never! We keep you out there in our trustworthy Fortify Waterproof Riding Jacket. Strengthened with a durable 500 denier exterior, this men's textile motorcycle jacket serves as garrison to your warm inner core (courtesy of the zip-out quilted vest liner). We counter overheating by adding a removable breathable waterproof liner. And despite the added versatile liners, we trimmed bulk to make it our lightest system jacket in the line. For all the functional features, check out the bullets...
Men's Affinity Mesh Riding Jacket-98296-17VMMen's Affinity Mesh Riding Jacket-98296-17VMThe tonal colorblocked style on this one is a nice change-up from our mesh jackets with high contrast color schemes. We know how much our enthusiasts love traditional graphics, and the Affinity Mesh Riding Jacket is marked with plenty – bold lettering and a timeless sleeve patch. Moto-inspired pockets offer ample storage, a nice feature mesh jackets typically don't include. This men's textile motorcycle jacket offers excellent functional features and incredible value.
Men's Bar & Shield Logo Mesh Jacket-98233-13VMMen's Bar & Shield Logo Mesh Jacket-98233-13VMPerfect for warm-weather riding, the Men's Bar & Shield Logo Mesh Jacket couples an allover mesh construction with functional riding features.
Men's Classic Cruiser Functional Jacket-98357-11VMMen's Classic Cruiser Functional Jacket-98357-11VMNo destination required. Cruise the open road, your way in the Classic Cruiser Riding Jacket.
Men's Competition Functional Jacket-98540-14VMMen's Competition Functional Jacket-98540-14VMWith minimal graphics and straight to the point styling, the Competition Waterproof Functional Jacket is only focused on the ride. Durable and waterproof, this riding jacket also features front to back venting for a maximum cooling effect.
Men's Cross Roads Waterproof Fleece Jacket-98542-14VMMen's Cross Roads Waterproof Fleece Jacket-98542-14VMWe took a comfortable fleece hoodie and infused it with functional riding features to create the Cross Roads Waterproof Fleece Jacket. The best of both worlds, this jacket is light and flexible enough for everyday wear, yet ready for the ride anytime.
Men's Elite Switchback Jacket-98555-14VMMen's Elite Switchback Jacket-98555-14VMRising temps and hot pavement can jump your core temp fast. Keep your cool in the Elite Switchback Jacket. Zip-off outer panels of this motorcycle jacket transform it to a mesh jacket for instant and nearly allover venting. The waterproof liner adds another layer of weather defense.
Men's Gastone Riding Jacket-98112-16VMMen's Gastone Riding Jacket-98112-16VMFor a lightweight jacket that doesn't skimp on functional features, we suggest the Gastone Riding Jacket. A soft, lightweight shell is engineered with reinforced shoulders and elbows for added durability. Underarm vents help keep your core at a comfortable temp when the sun works against you. Want more? You got it! Body armor pockets, side zipper gussets, reflectivity, and iconic contrasting stripes. There's so much functionality and so much value in this men's textile motorcycle jacket.
Men's Long Way 3-in-1 Jacket-98563-15VMMen's Long Way 3-in-1 Jacket-98563-15VMOlive drab and rugged cotton canvas set a subtle military tone for our versatile Long Way 3-in-1 Jacket. Flip this men's casual jacket over for a look at the back. You'll see oversized, vintage graphics expressed in a combination of treatments -- appliqué, embroidery, and print.
Men's Passing Link 3-in-1 Jacket-98549-14VMMen's Passing Link 3-in-1 Jacket-98549-14VMFrom a mountain pass to the passing lane, the Passing Link 3-in-1 Jacket takes you there and back. Water-resistant construction moves this jacket through the seasons, and our versatile 3-in-1 design gives you more jacket, more options, more style.
Men's Roadway Waterproof Fleece Jacket-98235-13VMMen's Roadway Waterproof Fleece Jacket-98235-13VMThe Roadway Waterproof Fleece Jacket boats features fit for the ride while maintaining the casual comfort of fleece.
Men's Skull Mesh Riding Jacket-98092-15VMMen's Skull Mesh Riding Jacket-98092-15VMSunny, 75°, and the open road...the perfect conditions for the Skull Mesh Riding Jacket. Reinforced shoulders and elbows give form to this lightweight functional jacket. Skull graphics in black translate to subtle, low-key style.
Men's Tactful Riding Jacket-98083-15VMMen's Tactful Riding Jacket-98083-15VMVenting to cool you down, body armor pockets at elbows and shoulders, and reflective piping to enhance rider visibility. Enjoy the journey when you zip into the Tactful Riding Jacket. This men's textile motorcycle jacket is perfect for all seasons.
Men's Tailgater Textile & Mesh Jacket-98554-14VMMen's Tailgater Textile & Mesh Jacket-98554-14VMWe built the Tailgater Textile & Mesh jacket with the same passion, integrity, and full-throttle power as our motorcycles. Textile panels help block wind while mesh side and sleeve panels allow ventilation. To keep you on course, the motorcycle jacket includes a removable, zip-out, full-sleeve windproof nylon liner.
Men's Toil Collarless Mesh Jacket-98185-17VMMen's Toil Collarless Mesh Jacket-98185-17VMThe Toil Collarless Mesh Jacket with mesh lining is an ideal lightweight layer. It makes for an effortless ride on summer days or for our loyal enthusiasts in mild climates 365 days of the year. Mesh is a rider's friend best friend in warm weather, and the collarless silhouette minimizes bulk and coverage for an even leaner outer layer. Mixed mesh construction is a hot style. And so is the price. It's a killer value for all the functionality in this men's textile motorcycle jacket, including reinforced areas and body armor pockets. Chunky rubber graphics lend bold texture and attitude.
Men's Trenton Mesh Riding Jacket-98111-16VMMen's Trenton Mesh Riding Jacket-98111-16VMFor warm weather riding, a mesh jacket is indispensible. We suggest the Trenton Mesh Riding Jacket. It's perfect for steamy conditions thanks to the lightweight, smaller hole mesh. We maintain durability by engineering reinforced shoulders and elbows on this men's textile motorcycle jacket. The distinctive orange stripe design is recognizable as ours alone. And for extra storage, check out the chest pockets. It's a feature few mesh jackets offer.
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