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115th Anniversary Medallion B09 5/8 Helmet-98147-18VX115th Anniversary Medallion B09 5/8 Helmet-98147-18VXThere's are plenty of reasons to celebrate the 115th Anniversary Medallion B09 5/8 Helmet. For starters, it's the smallest profile ⅝ helmet in the market. Next up, it features a snap-in short visor to help with sun glare. To dial up the versatility, this Harley-Davidson® motorcycle helmet offers a replacement long visor and a replacement combo face shield/visor (sold separately). And for a final touch, we add the unique anniversary medallion. Zoom in for a look at the fine detail.
115th Anniversary Ultra-Light Sun Shield J03 Half Helmet-98224-18VX115th Anniversary Ultra-Light Sun Shield J03 Half Helmet-98224-18VXMaximum strength, minimum weight. That's the first thing to know about the 115th Anniversary Ultra-Light Sun Shield J03 Half Helmet (DOT certified). Next fact: it's actually the lightest sun shield helmet available in the line. You can read more about the design and features in the bullets. Let's finish with the sleek look of this motorcycle half helmet. Gorgeous pinstriping and custom anniversary graphics make this an in-demand helmet for summer rallies in honor of our 115th.
Curbside Sun Shield X06 Half Helmet-98240-18VXCurbside Sun Shield X06 Half Helmet-98240-18VXLow profile, comfortable, meets DOT standards.…it’s little wonder our Curbside Sun Shield X06 Half Helmet is drawing attention. The sleek "beanie" low profile style gets a stealthy look with minimal art on the matte black shell. With the convenient retractable sun shield, this motorcycle half helmet is an ideal choice for a day trip, work commute, or urban ride.
Hightail B09 5/8 Helmet-98179-17VXHightail B09 5/8 Helmet-98179-17VXThe lightweight Hightail B09 5/8 Helmet is engineered to be the smallest profile 5/8 helmet out there and an H-D® exclusive helmet until 2018. Unique to this 5/8 motorcycle helmet is the interchangeable visor. It includes the shorter visor, but it can be swapped out for the longer visor (sold separately as a replacement part). The snap-in design allows easy installation – no small pieces to lose or misplace. A combination face shield & visor is also available for this helmet (sold separately).
Impulsive Dial Fit B03 Half Helmet-98325-17VXImpulsive Dial Fit B03 Half Helmet-98325-17VXWhen the impulse to ride the open road takes over, strap on the Impulsive Dial Fit B03 Half Helmet. Engineered with the innovative interior dial comfort adjustment mechanism, you can literally dial in a custom fit. Our exclusive visor design features a smaller lip for a more stylish shape. The look of this motorcycle half helmet is special – glossy with matte graphics.
Landscape Airfit Sun Shield X03 Full-Face Helmet-98327-17VXLandscape Airfit Sun Shield X03 Full-Face Helmet-98327-17VXConsidering a full-face helmet? Look no more. The list of features is long for the Landscape AirFit Sun Shield X03 Full-Face Helmet. Here are just a few to note. The innovative AirFit Liner Inflation System puts you in control of fit with a simple pump of air. For excellent protection from glare, this helmet includes a responsive One-Touch Integrated Sun Shield. As for looks, this is a gorgeous full-face motorcycle helmet. Twirling rose decals embellish the slick, white background.
Pilot II 3-in-1 X04 Helmet-98301-18VXPilot II 3-in-1 X04 Helmet-98301-18VXThe Pilot II 3-in-1 X04 Helmet presents three innovative options to wear for added comfort. Meeting DOT safety standards as a half helmet, you can add the included face mask with an exclusive H-D® design and rear comfort sleeve to adjust your level of coverage. This helmet also includes integrated sun shield to protect against sun glare and a sleeker profile for a cool look. This motorcycle helmet offers versatility and comfort on the open road.
Pink Label Ultra-Light J02 Half Helmet-98326-17VXPink Label Ultra-Light J02 Half Helmet-98326-17VXThe Pink Label Collection wouldn't be complete without this helmet. The lightest in our lineup, the Pink Label Ultra-Light Comfort Dial J02 Half Helmet features a removable interior dial adjustment mechanism for custom comfort. As for design, this one shines. The pink glitter flake is definitely not so flashy that it looks juvenile. Custom visor graphics and the proud Pink Label medallion add spirit to this motorcycle half helmet.
RWB #1 B01 3/4 Helmet-98315-17VXRWB #1 B01 3/4 Helmet-98315-17VXGo retro or go home. With the open face style, glossy white shell, and team-inspired graphics, the RWB #1 B01 3/4 Helmet may inspire a few flashbacks. And while the look is old school, this open face motorcycle helmet includes contemporary innovations. Quality features include fiberglass shell construction, soft liner, and versatile snaps for shields or visors.
Women's Fly-By Ultra-Light J02 Half Helmet-98224-16VWWomen's Fly-By Ultra-Light J02 Half Helmet-98224-16VWThe Fly-By Ultra-Light J02 Half Helmet is the lightest shell in our whole assortment. Exclusively ours, it offers maximum strength with minimum weight. It looks lean, too, thanks to a reduced number of chin strap rivets and an aerodynamic design that fits a little lower on the rider's head. And to put you in control of communication, zip-off removable speaker pockets are included.
Women's Metal Flake Ultra-Light Half Helmet-98342-15VWWomen's Metal Flake Ultra-Light Half Helmet-98342-15VWHelmets are a canvas for custom art. The Web Ultra-Light Half Helmet features masterpiece metal flake shimmer. This lighter weight motorcycle half helmet includes a wicking liner and venting to keep you from becoming a hothead.
Women's Paramount Sun Shield Half Helmet-98201-16VWWomen's Paramount Sun Shield Half Helmet-98201-16VWFor the lady enthusiast who loves her gear on the flashy side, meet the Paramount Sun Shield Half Helmet. Polished glossy black with a glitter flake appearance, this motorcycle half helmet gets better with every feature: pull-down retractable sun shield, washable liner, and a unique "swappable" set of disks to match your mood – skull or Bar & Shield logo.
Women's Tantalus Retro 3/4 Helmet-98361-15VWWomen's Tantalus Retro 3/4 Helmet-98361-15VWVintage never gets old. The women's Tantalus Retro 3/4 Helmet has a flashback look but with graphics that coordinate with today's popular Genuine Collection. This core open face motorcycle helmet is a stylish way for lady enthusiasts to build their individual look from the top down.
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