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Category Twin-Cam Softail® Chassis Trim - Bodywork
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Bar & Shield Coil Cover-74616-04-74616-04Bar & Shield Coil Cover-74616-04-74616-04Fits '04-later EFI Dyna® and '01-later EFI equipped Softail® models (except FXCW, FXCWC, FXS, FXSB, FXSBSE, FXSE, and FXST-Aus).
Bar & Shield Fender Tip Lens Kit-59081-96Bar & Shield Fender Tip Lens Kit-59081-96Fits '86-'17 FLSTC, '93-’96 FLSTN and '80-'08 FLHR, FLHS, FLHT and FLT models. (Does not fit FLHRS, Springer™ or FLTR models.)
Bar & Shield Front Fender Spear- Small-91194-04Bar & Shield Front Fender Spear- Small-91194-04Fits XL, XR, Dyna® (except FLD) , FX Softail® (except FXFB) and '18-later FLSL models.
Bar & Shield Large Front Fender Spear-91195-04Bar & Shield Large Front Fender Spear-91195-04Fits '12-'16 FLD, '86-'17 FL Softail® (except FLSTSB), '18-later FLDE, FLHC and FLHCS, and '84-later Touring and Trike models.
Chrome Front Fuel Tank Mounting Hardware Kit-62965-01-62965-01Chrome Front Fuel Tank Mounting Hardware Kit-62965-01-62965-01Fits '00-'17 Softail® models (except FLSTSE, FLSTNSE and FXSBSE).
Chrome Inner Primary Cover-60815-08AChrome Inner Primary Cover-60815-08AFits '08-'17 FXCW, FXCWC, FXSB, FXSBSE, FXSE and '09 FXSTSSE models.
Chrome Voltage Regulator-74567-11Chrome Voltage Regulator-74567-11Fits '11-'17 Softail® models.
Chrome Voltage Regulator-74610-08Chrome Voltage Regulator-74610-08Fits '08-'10 Softail® models.
Classic Bike Hardware Covers-94923-09Classic Bike Hardware Covers-94923-09Fits ’09-'17 Softail® models (except FLS, FLSS, FLSTSB, FXCW, FXCWC and FXSE).
Classic Engine Hardware Covers-94943-07Classic Engine Hardware Covers-94943-07Fits Twin Cam-equipped models.
Concho Fender Skirt-59147-96Concho Fender Skirt-59147-96Fits '06 FLST, '86-'08 FLSTC, '93-'96 FLSTN, '80-'13 Touring and '09-'13 Trike models equipped with Original Equipment fender skirt.
Dash Panel Extension for Softail Models-71283-01Dash Panel Extension for Softail Models-71283-01Fits '00-'17 Softail® models (except FLS, FLSS, FLSTNSE, FLSTSB, FLSTSE, FXCW, FXCWC, FXS, FXSB, FXSBSE, FXSE, FXST-Aus, FXSTD, FXSTSSE, '06 FLSTFSE and '09-'17 FLSTC models). (correct based on this fitment)
Eagle Wing Fender Trim-59367-97Eagle Wing Fender Trim-59367-97Fits '90-'17 FLSTF, FLSTFB and FLSTFBS models.
Eagle Wing Fender Trim-59369-97Eagle Wing Fender Trim-59369-97Fits '90-'06 FLSTF, ‘05-‘06 FLSTFSE, ‘97-’03 FLSTS and ’05-’07 FLSTSC models.
Fender Skirt-59228-91Fender Skirt-59228-91Fits '06 FLST, '86-'08 FLSTC, '93-'96 FLSTN, '80-'13 Touring and '09-'13 Trike models equipped with Original Equipment fender skirt.
Front Fender Extension-59664-03Front Fender Extension-59664-03Fits '91-'08 Dyna® and '84-'07 FX Softail® models. Will not fit FXD, FXDX or FXDXT models equipped with Voltage Regulator Covers.
Front Fender Rail and Stanchion Kit-91117-97Front Fender Rail and Stanchion Kit-91117-97Fits '84-'17 FL Softail® (except FLS, FLSS, FLSTF, FLSTFB, FLSTFBS, FLFTNSE, FLSTSB and FLSTSE), '18-later Softail® FLDE, FLHC and FLHCS, '84-later Touring (except FLHRXS), and Trike models.
Front Fender Trim Kit-59209-91TFront Fender Trim Kit-59209-91TFits '86-'17 FLSTN and FLSTC and '82-'13 Touring models (except Road Glide® and Road King® Custom) models. Does not fit models equipped with clean front fender.
Front Fender Trim-14100618Front Fender Trim-14100618Fits '12-'16 FLD, '86-'17 FL Softail® (except FLSTSB), '18-later Softail® FLDE, FLHC and FLHCS, '84-later Touring and Trike models.
H-D Classic Fender Tip-59002-98H-D Classic Fender Tip-59002-98Fits '80-'13 FL, '86-'08 FLSTC, '94-'13 FLHR and '09-'13 FLHTCUTG models.
H-D Classic Fender Tip-59052-98H-D Classic Fender Tip-59052-98Fits '80-'08 FL and FLHR and '86-'99 FLSTC models. (Does not fit FLSTF and FLTR models.)
Heritage Chrome Front Fender Rail-91080-93Heritage Chrome Front Fender Rail-91080-93Fits '87-'17 FLST, FLSTC, and '93-'96 FLSTN models. (Does not fit Springer™ models.)
Heritage Chrome Rear Fender Rail-91402-00Heritage Chrome Rear Fender Rail-91402-00Fits '00-'17 FLST and FLSTC models.
Heritage Softail Classic Rear Fender Leather Mud Flap-59071-98Heritage Softail Classic Rear Fender Leather Mud Flap-59071-98Fits '86-'17 FLSTC models.
Heritage Springer Leather Mud Flap with Fringe-59027-99Heritage Springer Leather Mud Flap with Fringe-59027-99Fits '97-'03 FLSTS models front or rear fender. Also fits '86-'17 FLSTC, '86-'06 FLSTF and '93-'96 FLSTN models.
Horn Relocation Kit-69015-08Horn Relocation Kit-69015-08Fits '08-'10 FXCW and FXCWC models equipped with Oil Cooler Kit P/N 26157-07.
Premium Oil Cooler Kit for Softail Models-26157-07APremium Oil Cooler Kit for Softail Models-26157-07AFits '13-'17 FXSBSE and '00-'17 Softail® models (except FXSB) without ABS. Does not fit '11 FXCWC. '08-'10 FXCW and FXCWC models require separate purchase of Horn Relocation Kit for Oil Cooler P/N 69015-08. Does not fit with Softail® Front Spoiler Kits, or DEFINITIVE5 Filtration System Kits. Fits with all H-D® Engine Guards. Includes Chrome Oil Cooler Cover.
Premium Oil Cooler Kit for Softail Models-26157-11APremium Oil Cooler Kit for Softail Models-26157-11AFits '11-'17 Softail® models. Fits with all H-D® Engine Guards. Kit includes Gloss Black Oil Cooler Cover.
Skull Fender Tip Lens Kit-59651-01Skull Fender Tip Lens Kit-59651-01Fits '86-'17 FLSTC, '93-'96 FLSTN and '80-'08 Electra Glide®, Tour Glide and Road King® models (except FLHRC and FLHRS).
Voltage Regulator Cover-74597-01Voltage Regulator Cover-74597-01Fits '01-'17 Softail® models (except FXSE). Will fit models equipped with Bullet Front Spoiler P/N 57039-XX, but will not fit with other Softail® front spoilers. (Correct based on marketing notes)
Willie G Skull Front Fender Skirt-59582-02AWillie G Skull Front Fender Skirt-59582-02AFits '06 FLST, '86-'08 FLSTC, '93-'96 FLSTN, '80-'13 Touring and '09-'13 Trike models equipped with Original Equipment fender skirt.
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